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Why choose Gates builders?

Your client is more likely to recommend your services to others

Are you concerned that the contractor you appoint could damage your own reputation?

We meet all our obligations when we take on a project and display a can-do attitude throughout. Why? Because we realise that our reputation is only as good as the quality of our work and the people we appoint to a project.

4 solid reasons to choose Gates Builders

Draw on in-house skills

At Gates Builders we’re unusual for a small firm. Apart from electrical and mechanical work, you’ll find we have all the other trades in-house. It means we have greater control over the quality of work we produce and the speed with which we complete it.

Source specialist skills

Our skills can help you broaden your own architectural portfolio. With Gates you have access to specialist tradesmen and know-how that can be hard to find elsewhere. Our tradesmen are slightly older than most and have developed their skills over many years. Our customers value this and it shows in the level of repeat business and recommendations we attract.

Be confident of consistent resource

We draw on a wide resource of staff, subcontractors and contacts, so we can minimise the impact of weather, project extensions and other external factors outside our control.

Relax knowing everything is managed

We take much of the job off your shoulders and manage it ourselves. In addition, you’ll find us responsive to questions, good at keeping everyone informed and able to keep an eye on variations. On both large and small projects, we help you achieve more for your client within the budget.

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“Gates always go back and sort out any final jobs that need attention once a project has finished, and that means our clients stay happy long after completion.”

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