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With Gates you enjoy much more than simply the work we do on-site

We believe it’s easier (and more profitable for everyone) to do things right the first time. And, because we follow solid work processes from the very start of a project, you can often settle the final account with your client sooner.

Project tendering

  • When we accept an invitation to bid from you as the architect, we always submit a bona fide and realistic tender within the bid deadline. It means you can get your own quote out to your client when you’ve promised it.
  • Once on board with a project, we look at the detail from the start, right down to specific colours and finishes. It means we can be 100% sure that all materials and labour will be available on-site exactly when needed.

Advice, guidance and troubleshooting

  • We ask for advice when we need it and, equally, we can advise on the whole project programme as it progresses. It means that you’re more likely to secure the return on investment you planned at the start.
  • We also offer provisional programmes that can be shaped to suit, including a full cost schedule.
  • Our foremen are our ears and eyes on-site, flagging up early anything that could jeopardise the build programme.
  • All our work achieves full compliance in local authority inspections regarding planning and building regulations.
  • Our office set-up supports the high quality of work we do on-site, and you’ll find it easy to contact the person you need.

Site management

  • We understand the importance of working as a team with the client and the architect. And if we do need to bring in additional contractors, we choose only those we know to be fully competent.
  • As the main contractor, we take on the responsibility of managing everything on site, keeping things to schedule and under control.

Specialist areas

“Having foremen on site, who understand the importance of working (safely) to programme, makes the project more enjoyable to work on.”

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