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Renovation and Restoration

Save time sourcing the right skills and resources for renovation projects

A good renovation or restoration project depends on many things, including:

  • the skills of the people actually doing the work
  • the knowledge and experience to know what’s realistic and deliverable
  • commercial astuteness to keep the project financially viable

As renovation specialists, we provide all three.

It’s often difficult for architects to find the right people to actually undertake restoration or renovation work. At Gates we have an extensive list of specialist craftsmen we can call in. Being able to instruct us to find key trades like this helps you get the job done easily and quickly, with the right finished result.

Complement the original build

Using both traditional and new building methods, we choose the skills for a particular project according to the nature and age of the building and the regulations and guidelines relevant to the project. We have an excellent reputation, especially in our work with listed buildings, and thoroughly enjoy being part of the process to restore a building to its former glory. Always happy to share ideas, we’re open-minded in discussions with the wider team.

For Grade 2 listed buildings, heritage projects, investment properties, conservation, historical buildings, churches – all kinds of restoration programmes – call Gates Builders today on 01280 821200 or email us now.

“Listed buildings are always interesting to work on – as well as challenging! Gates helps us put the project on the map for our client.”

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