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New Builds

Meet the demands of new builds with quality workmanship within budget

For commercial, industrial, residential or local authority projects, we understand that time is critical. For example, there may be commercial pressures on business directors and seasonal timetables within schools. We understand that no one can afford to endure hold-ups in the build programme.

We also understand that new build projects have to satisfy local authority planning regulations. Our track record in practice shows that we fully comply with these standards.

As an NHBC registered company, we work with:

  • property owners who ask us to design and build for them
  • commercial businesses who need new premises or warehouse facilities
  • local authorities that need building work for schools, council premises, community centres, etc.

With new builds we will often establish the build criteria ourselves and then appoint an architect to work with us on the project. Together we produce plans for the client that match the size and type of building plot available, and we also interpret fully the aims of the client.

Call us today on 01280 821200 and outline your own new build idea.

“We often need to arrange demolition work on existing premises before we can start to build the new one. It saves a lot of time being able to hand the whole job over to Gates Builders.”

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