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Conversions and Refurbishments

With conversions and refurbishments, it’s about asking the right questions

When timing is tight on conversion and refurbishment projects, you need a builder that is not only reliable but has the breadth of experience to work safely and competently under pressure.

At Gates Builders we not only fulfil those requirements, but we also ask all the important questions at the outset. As the contractor, we need the best understanding of what you need, so that we can provide helpful insights and proactive suggestions – at the planning stage and beyond.

From simple alterations to more complex designs

Whether you need us for state-of-the-art commercial premises or historical buildings, residential properties or public sector projects, we can pull the right team together to suit. Our conversion and refurbishment work to date includes projects to:

  • reconfigure office space for better productivity
  • improve local authority premises, particularly schools and NHS buildings
  • refurbish listed buildings, sympathetically and with full compliance with the Town and Country Planning Act
  • convert barns and lofts for extra space
  • ‘lift’ buildings that look and feel tired and outdated, and help energise the people who live or work in them
  • change the use of a building – or turn it back into what it used to be
  • improve both the interior and exterior of buildings, with an eye on current trends and aesthetics
  • make changes to comply with new fire safety regulations

With every project we provide a full schedule of information to make sure that costs, timescales and delivery schedules are realistic, and to double-check that we can finish the job on time – and within budget. It means you can be confident in the resources we have at our disposal.

“We’ve always found Gates Builders to be flexible in terms of their working hours, especially with projects where the building is occupied. It means there’s less disruption for the client.”

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